In the world we all live in today, there are many reasons one may encounter a drug test. Without a doubt, you know someone who has had a drug test for one reason or another as many of us do. We want to discuss different ways a person prepares for a drug test when they are attempting to pass it, knowing they may test positive for an illicit substance. 

Drug testing is considered by most to have been invented by Manfred Donike, back in 1966. Since drug tests have been around for such a long time, methods to cheat these tests have been around through the passage of time as well. To better understand how a person can pass a drug test we need to explore how the drugs are detected in the first place.

We don’t want to talk about the validity of reasons for testing or the morality of attempting to alter the results in any way because most be don’t realize that the best synthetic urine on the market is available online with very few clicks and a credit card.

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Saliva Testing

Saliva testing also referred to as oral fluid testing, is not anywhere near as common as urine testing. Indicators of an impending saliva test are less apparent as those for urine as well. If a subject is suspected of attempting, or even successfully, cheating a urine drug test the saliva test may be next. If an item is suspected of drug use very recently, perhaps the same day of testing, saliva may also be the preferred sample type. If the FDA or SAMHSA do not approve the test if for a government agency it is unlikely to be the saliva sample type as this form of testing for any DOT testing. Some saliva tests claim to have detection windows up to 8 weeks long while others state their windows are measured in hours, often less than 72.  

When a subject is attempting to cheat the results of their saliva drug test they often get a little more extreme in their actions. There is less information available to the general public on the way these tests work and proven techniques to cheat them. This lack of knowledge is likely one of the driving factors in the subjects sometimes wrong actions.

Some people have attempted to add specific items to their mouths hoping for some chemical reaction to lead to a negative result. There is little evidence supporting this method. No amount of tooth brushing will fool this test. The test subject will be asked to rinse their mouth out before testing, so there is little opportunity for substituting the sample.