How to grow your penis without using pills in a safe and effective way is the question most of the men are looking answers for these days. Penis extenders have proven to be the number one medical devices to grow your penis with safety grounds. Even though pills, lotions and surgeries are also there and used but they are not as effective as penis extenders. The side effects which these other methods produce are much greater than the benefits so it is best to choose a method that is safe and has always guaranteed desired results to each of their consumers.

With hundreds of models available in the market, which extender to really choose from? Keep on reading to know!

  1. The Quick Extender Pro:

Features: Some extenders are known to give you allergies with the material they are made off, but not this one, this penis extender is made with 100% hypoallergenic medical grade synthesis that prevents any sort of allergic reactions on your penis. The light weight of this extender makes it easy to carry so you can wear it throughout the day without any hindrance. The best part of this medical device is that it requires zero maintenance! A medical device that guarantees good results, is manufactured using the best material, requires no maintenance whatsoever and allows you to carry on with your daily chores without any deal? You know this one is a steal.

Benefits: The Quick Extender Pro, along with enlarging your penis, also works to correct your curvature and bring it to a size according to your needs in a way that is quick, painless and absolutely safe. If you want to correct your curvature that may be changed due to the noncancerous Peyronie’s Disease or if you are looking for a safe, non-surgical and affordable way to fix your curvature, then this option has to be your number one.

  1. Phallosan Forte:

Features: The extender overall can be worn very easily and can be refitted according to your comfort. It takes only a few moments to get a hang of it, the protector cap that is made of silicon is where the glans area is fitted when wearing the extender, and the silicon is extra soft and prevents any swelling or redness to occur. The extender features an air tight sleeve where the penis is placed with the fitted protector cap into the function cover which exerts a little pressure to allow the tension to increase for the enlargement process. There is a color system made into the extender that shows the settings that are optimal for the tension of penis enlargement.

Permanent Results:  Permanent results are also possible with using Phallosan Forte for a period longer than 6 months. According to the studies, the average result in patients who wore the extender for 5 days a week for 6 hours a day had an increase to their penis size at non erect or erect stage to 2.9 cm to 3.6 cm and the patients who wore it for 6 months, 6 days a week and 9 hours a day had an increase to their penises to about 4 to 4.9 cm.

  1. SizeGenetics:

Features:  A feature that hasn’t been yet observed in any extender before is the ability to wear the medical device at any angle that is suitable to the consumer for their ultimate comfort. This medical device features the Multi Directional Angling that allows you to wear the extender as per your comfort; it is light weight as well allowing you to carry it effortlessly. The extender provides an experience that is painless and guarantees results too. SizeGenetics works by providing a steady, gentle and constant stretch to your penis. This stretching causes the cells to pull away giving space for the production of new and healthy cells. With the production of new cells the penis grows in size and girth and SizeGenetics ensures that the process goes smoothly without any pain or irritation.

Clinically tested:  This device along with being clinically tested under the Medical Device Directive and has also been recommended by surgeons and has even got a feature in well-known magazines such as GQ and Men’s Health. This medical extender has been awarded certification as a type 1 medical device.

There is absolutely no harm into doing something that in the long run only boosts your self-esteem and allows you to be your natural self too. Through this article you now must have had your way around on how to grow your penis without using pills in a safe and effective way. The above mentioned are the top picks to ensure that your penis enlargement journey goes smoothly!